Marble Track 3 is a labor of love mishmash of two creative artforms:

kinetic sculpture

The marble track itself is a kinetic sculpture for marbles to run down every which way, and sometimes loose.

stop motion animation

The construction of Marble Track 3 is being painstakingly documented through stop motion animation.

This answers the frequently asked question about Marble Track 2: “how do you make a marble track?

but that’s not all

Just in case someone asks “how do you make a stop motion animation of the construction of a marble track?” The creation of the animation is being livestreamed, with over 200 hours broadcast as of this writing. Viewers are welcome to watch and vote as we discover questions within the construction.

in the future

Eventually I want to add audio to the animation… possibly music, dialogue, sound effects..

And I want to add CGI animation behind the animation by rendering something in place of the bluescreen background.