Show Notes

I tried getting Cyberduck to talk to Amazon S3, but could not do it as easily as I was able to get it to talk to Dream Objects S3.

Last time I used duplicity, I included GPG in the mix, so the files are encrypted. I apparently did not put the key in a safe place so they are effectively bricked.

This time, no GPG, and I have set the files to be public (but I do not know where / how people can access them). Oh, and I could not get duplicity to work.

Similar to using duplicity to backup MT3

pip install boto-rsync

cd ~/mt3
boto-rsync   --endpoint . s3://mt3/mt3

08:58 Wednesday 09 August 2017 JST

Backup complete as of a couple days ago.

I assume this will download the files:

mkdir ~/mt3testrestore
cd ~/mt3testrestore
boto-rsync   --endpoint s3://mt3/mt3 .

Let’s try!

Nice. It works.