Show Notes

14:17 Friday 24 November 2017 JST

Today I glued the first half of the track which will separate the medium sized marbles from the large marbles. I am reasonably sure I can get it to work without too much undo/redo, but it has taken some time to get it to look like the characters put it all in place.

One slight mistake: I need to cut the end of the sticks because they stick out beyond the edge of the circle. I guess that is not bad in itself, but for now I want to keep from doing that.

I will likely have to break, trim, and reglue the piece, but it should not be too difficult once I put both of its supports down.

2017 nov 23 collapse before install m dropper 2017 nov 24 closeup half glued half m dropper 2017 nov 24 overview half glued half m dropper