Show Notes

During the livestream today, I watched the (5) clips so far to see which characters have had the ability to pass through tracks. Basically it’s easier to let characters pass through tracks, but I think it would be a good subtle thing if some characters (consistently) can, and some (consistently) cannot.

Anyway, I took notes and pinned them to the blue fabric which makes the floor of the set. The character in question had not ghosted through tracks before, so I had him climb over the track again today. It’s visible near the very end of this clip.

Also in the last 4 seconds of the clip, the white body green head character is pushing the big ball up the track to eventually let it roll down again. Oh, and the boys (representing me and my brother) are ‘looking for bugs’ along the perimeter of the set. It will take a while, but eventually they will walk around the entire set.

Since June 2017, I have spent 4.3+ days so far on Marble Track 3.