Show Notes

13:53 Tuesday 17 April 2018 JST

I did only about 56 minutes of MT3 today before I glued a piece and had to pause. The large sized marble has been lifted up onto the track; the little brother has gotten back onto the stage and is fighting the big brother; the manager has just placed a little toothpick rail on the small marble track that meanders down from the ball splitter.

今日56分くらいだけMT3を作って、ボンドが乾くのを待ちました。I worked on MT3 for just 56 minutes before waiting for glue to dry.

二人が大きいビー玉をステージに上げました。Two characters lifted the big marble onto the stage.

弟はまたステージの上に登って、兄と喧嘩を始めた。 健康けんこうします。The little brother is back on the stage to fight the big brother.

Since June 2017, I have spent 7.0+ days on Marble Track 3.

The resulting video snippets, available via, total approximately 9 minutes 25 seconds.