Show Notes

09:58 Wednesday 04 April 2018 JST

I added lots of frames yesterday to Marble Track 3 video. There was a long section with just 2 or 3, or even just 1 character moving at a time. I added 20 seconds to the video, which destroys any previous day expect maybe the first couple days when I just had the manager walking around.

I did not exactly predict the current situation; I just knew the chopstick poking off the edge of the track should do something. It ended up knocking over a bridge, which knocked the switch into fast mode which caused some havoc including Candy Cane Mom and Green Cutter to lean toward the center of the stage to offset centrifugal force due to the rotational velocity. (I think my terms are correct here).

Once the stage was stopped, they fell on their faces, and the large marble rolled off the stage from where it had been held by the relatively newly placed ribs, which hopefully indicates (1) the ribs work, (2) there is at least some sense of internal logic to the movie.

Since June 2017, I have spent 6.9+ days on Marble Track 3.

The resulting video snippets, available via, total approximately 9 minutes 8 seconds.