Show Notes

Probably no output video today, but I added two more segments to the demo outer spiral, and nearly have the small marble being triple-split correctly.

In the first part of the live stream, it was super frustrating today working with the fiddly pieces of the outer spiral which kept falling every which way while I tried to glue them.

Then in the latter part, nearly as frustrating when the small marble catcher on the triple splitter broke.

It is being held by a thread now while the glue dries.

2018 aug triple splitting small marble

I have kinda lost count on how many hours I have spent on the track (measured in terms of livestreams).

Here are frames from today:

00010 002 09 X1 1676 00010 002 09 X1 1677 00010 002 09 X1 1678 00010 002 09 X1 1679 00010 002 09 X1 1680