Show Notes

Today I hung the top of the bar G Choppy cut last livestream, the Fifth Placed Outer Spiral Support. The top of the bar remained suspended in air for 6 frames, or 12 of a second of playback time, and Reversible Guy has just caught it.

But the trickiest bit was at the back of the stage! Trying to get the Lower Zig Zag Net in place required some patience to get the pieces in place. The space is quite small, and the pieces even smaller. I’ve got little toothpicks moving around, trying to be glued from underneath the lowest bar of the Lower Zig Zag

I took 7 frames today, none of which were immediately slated for deletion.

00010 002 10 X1 0244 00010 002 10 X1 0245 00010 002 10 X1 0246 00010 002 10 X1 0247 00010 002 10 X1 0248 00010 002 10 X1 0249 00010 002 10 X1 0250