Show Notes

Today G Choppy cut the Sixth Placed Outer Spiral Support which will soon glued by Mr McGlue. On the other side of the track, Lil Brother is holding the Medium Catcher below Triple Splitter until Mr McGlue can glue it as well.

Of the frames taken today, I think two had to be deleted.

00010 002 10 X1 0258 00010 002 10 X1 0259 00010 002 10 X1 0260 00010 002 10 X1 0261 00010 002 10 X1 0262 00010 002 10 X1 0263 00010 002 10 X1 0264

Before starting to set up the next frame, I took some time to write down what each of the characters should be doing next. While I want to write the plans in here as a TODO list of sorts, I need the list on paper in front of me while I work on the track. I doubt I will keep up with both, but that would be cool.