Show Notes

I found an old character from five or six years ago when I first attempted a video of the construction of Marble Track 3.

I have named him Backpack Jack in English, and probably ルックくん in Japanese.

He’s helpfully carrying a bamboo skewer to be used as the Triple Splitter Small Feeder.

Candy Mama is on her way to pick it up from him, but first she has to go around the end of the Triple Splitter, not because she is not ghostable as needed, but because the Seventh Placed Outer Spiral Support does not yet exist. It is going to hold the top end of the Triple Splitter Small Feeder as well as the 20th-or-so segment of the outer spiral (once it exists).

Backpack Jack has had a lot of trouble holding the bamboo skewer which will be the Triple Splitter Small Feeder, but it has not been tooo terribly difficult to keep him upright on the way up the ramp. (Just slightly difficult.)