Show Notes

14:03 Friday 09 February 2018 JST

{< youtube s-KCwA27wjA >}

12:03 Monday 12 February 2018 JST

On Feb 5th and Feb 8th I finished the final 5 seconds of video uploaded as “squiggle squiggle” on Friday, and then three seconds of “squiggle squiggle squiggle” on Saturday(?) and now after filming 2 seconds of video in 60 minutes, he is nearly out from between the plates, and they are nearly in full force looking for him.

I am not calling for help (yet), but the candy cane character in the movie above is asking for help to find the little brother, who, was featured at the end of the second to latest video, “squiggle squiggle squiggle”.

Anyway, I hadn’t posted in a bit, but here are the stats:

Since June 2017, I have spent 6.1+ days on Marble Track 3.

The resulting videos available via are 8 minutes 10 seconds long.