Show Notes

15:59 Tuesday 09 January 2018 JST

I have worked on MT3 a few times since getting back. A couple days ago, progress was super slow and I did not even export a video clip, much less upload one. Today I got much further, after having figured out a way to lift the bridge, and then I had the green cutter guy make some curved toothpicks which will be used for rail supports to keep the large marbles on track during the 2nd to last U-turn.

2018 jan 09 curved toothpicks 2018 jan 09 curving toothpicks

The little brother has kicked the chopstick ends back behind the stage so I don’t have to worry about not moving them anymore. His big brother is watching him.

2018 jan 09 big brother is watching

After having raised the lower bridge, these three characters are about to walk up simultaneously (up) toward the stage.

2018 jan 09 3 characters ready to walk

Here is the overview of the set now (after I disassembled the light fragile triple tripod with upside down tripod).

2018 jan 09 mt3 overview

The last 5 seconds are new, added in the last couple of days:

Since June 2017, I have spent 5.2+ days on Marble Track 3.