Show Notes

12:58 Saturday 14 July 2018 JST

Working on MT3 today I had a funny idea. There were two marbles ready to roll off the track and I realized it would be great for the spoonhead guy to catch them. So I had to erase eight frames, but they were not too hard to recreate, and the end result is great.

The frames are shown in the last second of the video above.

Next I’ll have the manager decide what to do about the orange ball not working correctly, as that side of the stage will be in front of the camera soon.

Eventually, too much time will be spent moving the marbles up to the top of the track. I need to make a teleportation thing to move marbles around. It would just about require having half marbles so one can go halfway into the thing on both sides.

11:57 Monday 16 July 2018 JST

I was going to write the totals, but for some reason, pages 2 and 3 of my videos on Youtube say there are no videos. Pages 4 and beyond are okay…

13:05 Thursday 19 July 2018 JST

two pages missing