Show Notes

21:52 Friday 08 June 2018 JST

I started a channel on YouTube for my latest passion project: Marble Track 3, which is being built to show people exactly how to make a marble track out of wooden sticks and glue.

It all started 10+ years ago when I showed Marble Track 2 to the world. As you can see in the comments, trolls were like “you wasted 6 months of your life!” Fans were like, “wow! how did you make that??”

So, to answer them both, I have embarked on a multi-year project, Marble Track 3 Construction. You can see the snippets I have so far via I have spent a bit over a year so far, and guess it is about 5 to 10% done.

Eventually I will make a website for it (looking for a designer now), and add music, background video, etc. For now, step by step, frame by frame, the longest stop action animation I have ever attempted.