Show Notes

(written 09:25 Wednesday 21 March 2018 JST)

In a single day, I can take maybe 20 or 30 frames, which adds a couple of seconds to the final movie.

Yesterday, I worked 2 hours on Marble Track 3, including adding a new dimension of planning to the project:

2018 mar 21 new dimension 1 2018 mar 21 new dimension 2 2018 mar 21 new dimension 3

I wrote notes to script out the next 5 weeks (or so) for the Reversable Guy (character whose head looks largely the same when facing forward or backward) as he debugs why the stage is slowing down. For what I have sketched out so far, in final movie time, it will be like (323-183) / 12 = approx 12 seconds of video.

The end of this video includes 2 seconds of footage which I sketched out in this way.