Show Notes

10:25 Wednesday 09 May 2018 JST

I am in the middle of making the marble splitter work for small marbles.

The manager has just glued one rail into place and will glue the inner rail next.

Next, the manager will:

At the same time, Reversable Guy (RG) will place the other splitter top rail. Only problem is holding it in place before there are supports for it.

Reversable Guy will:

Pinky will:

Square head guy will:

(*) He is Green Cutter for no reason other than he is completely green, and he is the cutter. There are no other cutters (yet) on the set

Other things to be done:

After writing the above, I think I should create a removable ring track to be a stand-in for the actual track. That way the inner track will know exactly how high/low it needs to be a different places.

And now I think I am about ready to get a domain specifically for this project. Not sure how to have Hugo grab exactly one set of tags to make entries though. Is it too much trouble to maintain two different sets of entries? Can I do hardlinks in OS X?