Show Notes

I started focusing the camera today!

In two hours I was able to take about 1 second worth of frames (I am guessing). During these frames:

1) Pinky pushed the blue marble up the Caret Splitter and onto the Caret Feeder 2) G Choppy walked over to where Reversible Guy and Mr Greene placed what will be the Fourth Placed Support for the Outer Spiral 3) Dr Sugar watched the orange marble roll down the top of the Lower Zig Zag 4) Busy Snake went off the First Snake-Installed Rail and headed to the Snake Plate with Lazy Snake 5) Big Brother moved the First Ramp into place 6) Squarehead headed off the set to get a popsicle stick (which will be used to extend the Caret Feeder)

Here is the snippet. The last 3 seconds are new