Show Notes

Today I added the 16th segment to the outer spiral. It’s nearly complete! I used super glue, but ended up having to use real glue and cutting the live stream shorter than I might have otherwise. Tomorrow I should be back to regularly scheduled streaming for 2 hours or so.

2018 sep 03 sixteenth segment

Oh, and I found a new camera angle that gives the live stream what is nearly my point of view when working on the track. I hope you like it.

2018 sep 03 new camera angle

In other news,

I spent the past day and a half working not on Marble Track 3, but on the website which should be this very site you are on now.

At the beginning of the livestream, the site said 8.97 days, which mean I had a cumulative total of 8.97 days worth of livestreamed videos in the channel.

Now it should be more than 9 days because I just streamed for more than 45 minutes, or more than 0.75 hours, which is definitely barely more than 0.03 days.