Show Notes

Today I streamed for a bit over an hour and got the second orange marble started rolling down the Triple Splitter Small Feeder. Reversible Guy is watching the first orange marble rolling down, and about to turn back to maybe watch the second one. Squarehead is jumping back in fear after seeing the large red marble tumble off the track. Pinky has just let the blue marble go down the Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection and it has now made it to the Caret Splitter Feeder Extension.

Here are the images I took today (all of which should be used in final video):

00010 002 10 X1 0596 00010 002 10 X1 0597 00010 002 10 X1 0598 00010 002 10 X1 0599 00010 002 10 X1 0600 00010 002 10 X1 0601 00010 002 10 X1 0602