Show Notes

Because there are many Outer Spiral Supports, the demonstration Outer Spiral isn’t able to sit on the stage, so I’m making a new demo Outer Spiral which will not have legs holding it up in place, but an upper structure that holds it intact as it rests on the existing supports while the remaining supports are put into place.

This will allow me to more easily measure upcoming 19poss and 20poss, plus all the subsequent Outer Spiral supports.

As of this writing, I have drawn a circle on paper (by tracing around a third wooden disc I bought back in 2017 or so), and am creating “lifters” which start at 2mm and increase by 2mm for every 5cm of circumfrence.

However, I just now realized that the circumfrence is quite sensitive to the radius, and this radius is too big because I drew the circle by tracing a pen on the outer edge of the wood.

So I’ll probably need to redraw the circle and re-place the lifters on the new smaller circle.

However, even if I create a perfect (according to the numbers) new demo Outer Spiral, it might not fit the existing Outer Spiral Supports 1 - 18, which themselves haven’t been made perfectly.