In the beginning, there was a desk

Snippet Steps

Squarehead leads Rabby onto the set as Rabby drags a round circular plate behind him.

Squarehead unties the ropes from Rabby. Rabby squishes Squarehead as he heads toward the camera, knocking it off its stand.

By the time the camera is reset, Squarehead has recovered and is pulling the ropes out from under the wooden circle.

Lil brother comes onto the set, and wonders if he’s allowed to step on the stage. He sees his mom, and thinks better of it. Other characters pay the stage no mind and walk all across it.

Once the characters have arrived and greeted each other, Dr Sugar comes in and thanks everyone for being there.

Mr McGlue comes in late, and big brother tells Lil brother to wait his turn. Big brother punches Lil brother and runs away.

Then everyone except Candy Mama and Dr Sugar run away as spooky skeleton Garinoppi comes onto the set. Lil Brother inexplicably floats up into the air.