Getting the bearing installed takes the whole crew to get it centered

Snippet Steps

Everyone who ran away before now runs across the stage, with a spooky flying bearing behind them. They collapse in a pile as Garinoppi expertly lands the bearing near the center of the stage.

Everyone watches as the bearing winds down to a complete stop on the stage. Everyone remembers there was a scary skeleton there, and look up from the Bearing at Garinoppi.

After the bearing comes to a complete stop, Garinoppi moves to give the radio transmitter to Candy Mama. Everyone panics and runs away, trampling Dr Sugar in the process.

Candy Mama takes the radio transmitter from Garinoppi and uses it to test the Bearing. Her son Lil Brother arrives and she tells him not to touch the transmitter.

Candy Mama goes to see if Dr Sugar is okay after he got trampled by everyone running away from Garinoppi.

Lil Brother knows not to touch the transmitter, but she didn’t say anything about this cool spinning thing! Lil Brother walks right up the very edge of the spinning blades while Candy Mama and Mr McGlue check on Dr Sugar.

Once they confirm Dr Sugar is okay, Mr McGlue notices Lil Brother next to the bearing. They rush over to save him from danger.

Dr Sugar regains his senses and decides to check out the new bearing. Reversible Guy turns it on for him and they play on the bearing while it is spinning.

They crack up laughing at the boundless possibilities and Candy Mama bursts back in to tell them to get back to work.

They head off the stage as Ninety Degree Antenna Man comes in to help Candy Mama center the Bearing.

Squarehead brings a large marker while Reversible Guy and Dr Sugar bring in components for a bridge up onto the stage.

Candy Mama uses the bridge to carry the marker up to draw a circle around the perimeter of the stage. This will help ensure the bearing is centered on the stage.

Once the circle is drawn, Dr Sugar helps Candy Mama recap the marker, but they fall off balance and hit the switch, which turns the bearing on at high speed.

Candy Mama quickly turns the switch off, and reassures Ninety Degree Antenna Man that all is okay.