Securing the bearing to the stage takes teamwork and patience

Snippet Steps

Candy Mama goes offstage to get a longer lever with which she can put the switch into a higher speed than before.

Once she put the switch into high-speed, the Bearing spins so quickly that it floats. Ninety Degree Antenna Man slides quickly around the stage like the video game Tempest, ensuring the bearing does not float off the stage.

While the bearing spins at high speed, floating above the stage, Candy Mama, Reversible Guy, Squarehead, and Doctor Sugar all try to move the bearing into place by wrangling it with large white hooks.

Dr Sugar cannot quite hold his large hook, and it gets caught in the upper blade of the spinning bearing. He is quickly thrown for a flip. In order to see what happened, the scene is reversed, then played forward at a crawl so we can get a bullet-time version of the flip.

Doctor Sugar is fine, dusts himself off, and rides Ninety Degree Antenna Man around the stage, disconnecting each large hook, as Mr McGlue turns off the switch, allowing the Bearing to settle back down onto the stage.

Captain Screwdriver comes in, and rests against the future location of a CGI tree.

Everyone resets the bridge and then begin to carry the screws toward the bearing.

Suddenly a horrific screeching sound occurs and everyone stumbles back as Mr McGlue drags the Bearing to the actual center of the stage.

The screeching stops, and everyone goes back to moving the screws onto the stage. Captain Screwdriver jumps up onto the stage as Mr McGlue assures Squarehead there will be no more screeching sounds.

But it is not time for the screws nor Captain Screwdriver yet; Ninety Degree Antenna Man has brought in Billy Drill Bit who will prepare pilot holes for the screws.

Mr McGlue holds Billy Drill Bit as he drills the pilot holes, standing on the stage itself so he can see if the holes are centered.

Moving to the third hole should take a simple flip of the switch. Candy Mama instructs Squarehead to turn the switch this way, but because they are standing on opposite sides of the Bearing, the directions are reversed. Plus Squarehead turns the switch on too quickly, then panics and falls onto the switch, sending Mr McGlue in a spinning frenzy until they can get the switch righted and under control.

They get Mr McGlue aligned with the third corner of the bearing, and Billy Drill Bit drills the final two holes without incident.

Captain Screwdriver leaps into action, turns upright and screws in all the screws before heading offstage.

Doctor Sugar raises his hands as an indication to Candy Mama to have the bearing spin faster.