Marble Track 3 Construction begins in earnest

Snippet Steps

Dr Sugar instructs Candy Mama to turn the Bearing on faster than ever before. Faster. Faster still. It’s still not fast enough, so Dr Sugar climbs up onto the lever and brings it into a ultra fast mode. The bearing is spinning so quickly that it actually floats the entire stage. They easily push the stage into place while it’s floating on this cushion of air.

Candy Mama removes the long lever, as Dr Sugar leads François onto the set, bringing the second level stage in behind him.

The brothers play and run around on the stage while Candy Mama and Dr Sugar untie the ropes from François.

Candy Mama gets slightly tangled in the ropes as François walk walks around the stage, then kicks it into place.

Once the stage is in place, Candy Mama turns on the switch. Dr Sugar and the brothers play on the stage while it turns below them.

Candy Mama brings a marble onto the stage, which causes a Dr Sugar to slide backwards and fall off the stage when he tries to stand on it.

Candy Mama brings in the first sticks which will be used for the Left and Right Small Landing Zones, respectively.

While Candy Mama helps Mr Greene, Dr Sugar, and Pinky bring in a large marble, Reversible Guy brings in two skewers which will be used for The First Track. Dr Sugar has a small marble on his foot, which Mr Greene puts up on the stage.

While Mr McGlue comes up to glue The First Track in place, the small marble is caught by the hook that has been embedded into the wall, but sticks out over the stage.

Lil Brother is fascinated by the large marble, and watches it while Big Brother puts the skewers in place for the First Track. Candy Mama arranges some of the pieces, and then tosses two supports like hockey pucks under the First Track skewers.

Lil Brother excitedly spins around then pushes the large marble to the upper end of the First Track. Dr Sugar turns off the stage rotation so the movie audience has a good view of The First Roll. Meanwhile, all the workers come up to watch the first roll.

Tensions are high. On stage are Candy Mama, Big Brother, Mr McGlue, Dr Sugar, and Lil Brother (who will actually start The First Roll). Reversible Guy stays safely offstage, watching from behind. Squarehead is ready to catch the ball should it go past the end of the track.

Lil Brother pushes the large marble, sending it down the track. Once it reaches the bottom, everyone is incredulous. Did it really work? Suddenly everyone erupts with joyous celebration. We did it!

After the celebration, Reversible Guy wants to try it again and again, then finally gives the large marble a pet on the head like a good dog.

( to be continued… )