G Choppy, professional cutter helped make:
G Choppy, professional cutter

G Choppy is one of the characters who has a very specific job. His job is to cut wood and that’s what he does.

I usually try to make the cuts happen by him raising his sword for three frames which equals one quarter of one second in movie Playback times before he makes the cut.

Sometimes he just curves pieces, and I don’t have a clear timing on how long that takes, because it depends on the curve each time.

But cuts are essentially binary. A piece is either cut or not cut, so it takes 14 of a second before the cut to prepare to cut.

G Choppy, then known as “the green cutter”, was in the first attempt at marble track 3 movie from back 6 years ago or so.

As of this writing (Nov 2018) G Choppy has just cut the fourth chopstick which will support the Outer Spiral. It is quite close to the beginning of the outer spiral, listing at an angle near the Lowest Largest U-turn.