Mr McGlue helped make:
Mr McGlue

Mr McGlue has a very specific job. He glues pieces of wood together. He has one long arm which he uses to deliver glue. He stands upright on two feet, but the one on his arm side is really small.

Mr McGlue is a ghostable character, meaning (for my convenience) he can pass through wooden sticks. As the track construction moves along, Mr McGlue’s big feet were making it more and more difficult to let him pass through most areas of the track. I had considered removing his big shoes, but they are glued to his feet in a way that would damage his feet too much. So on 29th of September 2018 I made a copy of Mr McGlue with short feet.

2018 nov 29 mr mcglue after gluing 4poss

  • 29 Sep 2018: Mr McGlue, meet Mr McGlue.

2018 sep 29 mr mcglue watch mr mcglue meet mr mcglue