Show Notes

I glued two more toothpicks on the Lower Zig Zag today. Dr Sugar will be able to test the Lower Zig Zag soon, and will find it fails, but will hopefully get it to work by the time the Lower Zig Zag comes around to the front of the scene again.

Pinky will push the medium marble up the ramp above the Caret Splitter to test, and will find that the medium marble works perfectly, because it does.(*) In real life. Perfectly, every time.

G Choppy has his sword raised, poised to cut the chopped chopstick that Reversible Guy placed haphazardly in what turns out to be exactly the right spot for the Outer Spiral. This will be the third support for the outer spiral. After cutting this one, G Choppy will cut the stick Mr Greene has just swung around, lifting Square Head up from being pulled around the track.

In other words, things are running quite smoothly on the track. But,

(*) the small marble does not work near the Caret Splitter. If it falls to the left, it tumbles out onto the large marble track. If it falls to the right, it gets stuck behind the first support for the Outer Spiral.

I have not yet figured out how to deal with the left-hand side in a way that still lets the medium marble perfectly go down the track. Plus, I have no idea how I will handle the right-hand side. Not sure if I will, but as I write this, I am thinking about taking pictures of the two….. oh I know. I should take video of it and post it online somewhere. Little snippets of live video.

Here is the second live stream from this day.