Show Notes

Today Reversible Guy caught the Caret Splitter Rudder Holder which will soon be part of the Caret Splitter Rudder, which should fall from the sky soon.

Little Brother has run onto the set and is climbing onto Squarehead as Squarehead runs along the edge of the stage, this time away from the switch after Doctor Sugar toggled the rotation direction.

Mr Greene has brought el Lifty Lever onto the set, and will soon drill a hole into it (how??).

Oh and Mr McGlue has a standin today as he is walking through the Triple Splitter Small Feeder, Lower Zig Zag.

Oh and finally, I have decided to rename the Lower Zig Zag parts as LZZ1F - LZZ3F respectively, which now makes more sense to me than LZZ1B - LZZ3B.

I will rename them later.