Show Notes

Today the Autosticks in stage front were consistently the easiest characters to work with. They did not quite make a tight enough turn to go up the switch, so I had them begin to loop around like a figure 8.

The the same time, the second Autostick which had already gotten up onto the Lower Zig Zag was tricky to work with, and actually ended up stopping filming today because I had to wait for its glue to dry.

2020 dec 25 autosticks on lower zig zag 2f

Near there, Reversible Guy got the Fourteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support put nearly into place so G Choppy can cut it at the right height soon.

The beginning of the livestream saw me untying the two bars that will support El Banderín which revealed that one was too twisty and had to be reset. The reset did not take long.

During filming, Little Brother started to raise El Banderín so he can put it on top of its sticks.

2020 dec 25 lil brother with el banderin

I uploaded a snippet today, the last ten frames or so were taken today.

Here are the frames taken today. One had to be deleted.

00010 002 11 X1 0366 00010 002 11 X1 0367 00010 002 11 X1 0368 00010 002 11 X1 0369 00010 002 11 X1 0370 00010 002 11 X1 0371 00010 002 11 X1 0372 00010 002 11 X1 0373 00010 002 11 X1 0374 00010 002 11 X1 0375 00010 002 11 X1 0376