Show Notes

Today G Choppy began curving Triple Splitter Small Feeder Inner Guider while Pinky prepares to pull herself up to help install the pieces.

In the foreground Candy Mama has delivered Zog Rails Support to Doctor Sugar who is holding it now until Mr McGlue can get over there to glue it.

She is now about to leave the track, and take two pieces which were cut from the Sixteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support and Seventeenth Placed Outer Spiral Support I think.

She actually might stay on the track to install those pieces somewhere. I haven’t decided yet.

Mr McGlue is now headed to Mr Greene to glue the Eighteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support in place.

Okay, regarding Candy Mama I think the best plan would be for her to turn around, discover the stage has rotated too far for her to go down the ramp, turn back around and install the two pieces.

However, Future Rob might decided to do otherwise. I’ll leave it up to him.

Here are the frames taken today

00010 002 11 X1 1371 00010 002 11 X1 1372 00010 002 11 X1 1373 00010 002 11 X1 1374 00010 002 11 X1 1375 00010 002 11 X1 1376 00010 002 11 X1 1377 00010 002 11 X1 1378 00010 002 11 X1 1379 00010 002 11 X1 1380