Show Notes

Today G Choppy cut the Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection Stanchion as activity took place all around him.

Pinky is still working on her Decorative Walls after the Lowest Small-Medium Splitter.

Big Brother is pushing the large orange marble up away from the Snake Plate U-turn Berm Bar.

Doctor Sugar is headed off the set via the ramp while Candy Mama has just come up the ramp with the Triple Splitter Small Feeder Outer Bar. The Triple Splitter Small Feeder will be put in place vaguely soon, probably before the Outer Spiral is even really started.

Lil Brother is spinning on the top of the Triple Splitter.

Mr Greene is testing the small orange marble on the Lower Zig Zag, after just having put in place the Lower Zig Zag Net along with Doctor Sugar.