Show Notes

The weather is getting hotter. Normally no problem, but my computer was heating up. Turning on the AC caused a piece floating on a string to blow around, so I put a curtain in front of the AC to baffle its buffeting.

2020 july 07 ac curtain keeps airflow low

Big Brother is carrying the Triple Splitter Medium Catcher Ridge up onto the set as Pinky tests the Lower Zig Zag with a small orange marble.

2020 july 07 big brother carrying tsmcb

Mr Greene has been holding the large green marble in place for a while and I decided it was because he needed to make sure the small orange marble can go past it. Yay! Soon he will let the large green marble roll down to test el Lifty Lever.

Little Brother has been spinning for a while and will stop now that he has seen that the small orange marble is rolling down the Lower Zig Zag.

Backpack Jack is headed down the ramp and Candy Mama will follow soon.

Doctor Sugar has just noted the stage is not rotating quickly enough so will tap it again with the stick he is holding before going to get the 2nd arch. Reversible Guy is now bringing up some more pieces to ~be outer spiral~ 2nd bridge supports. I think #13 is next.

2020 july 07 rg carrying nth poss