Show Notes

Today I only streamed one hour, but set it up for the next several frames to go pretty well I hope.

Reversible Guy is up to the Fifteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support to hold it in place, and because it was wiggling around so much as I removed it from Mr Greene’s head, I hung it from above, which required some adjustments to one of the horizontal steels trusses and and carving a groove into a tongue depressor.

G Choppy is coming up to cut the chopstick Reversible Guy is holding so it can be glued by Mr McGlue once he is done gluing the Lower Left Side Arch and the Autosticks around the Caret Splitter Right Track.

In the back of the stage from the camera, Pinky is still moving small marbles up the Lower Zig Zag 2F.

In front of that, Mr Greene is pushing the large marble up the Triple Splitter and will soon let it go so we can see the marble lifting el Lifty Lever and see El Banderín move along with it.

Little Brother is still spinning near El Banderín while standing on Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection above the Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection Second Stanchion.

Here are the frames taken today, the first three of the last four of which had to be retaken as the last frame:

00010 002 11 X1 0511 00010 002 11 X1 0512 00010 002 11 X1 0513 00010 002 11 X1 0514 00010 002 11 X1 0515 00010 002 11 X1 0516 00010 002 11 X1 0517