Show Notes

Today I livestreamed for about 90 minutes, the last portion of which Jimmy joined via the chat. Most interesting today was deciding to (probably) do a new weird thing with Backpack Jack, who has arrived with a pair of chopsticks in his backpack. I locked the chopsticks in place with a big clamp, and might have him slide off sideways to unload himself from the chopsticks.



In either case, for now, I can rest assured that he will neither fall over, nor easily move, so he should stay rock solid in place until it’s time to move him again.

G Choppy has just arrived on the misplaced piece, from where he will cut the chopstick Reversible Guy has brought in to be the base for the second bridge. Little Brother has been spinning around and just got surprised to see G Choppy there; he will probably not do a backflip off the set, and instead simply spin his way down the Triple Splitter Small Feeder.

Pinky is watching the small orange marble roll its way down Lower Zig Zag and Big Brother is trying to place the Triple Splitter Medium Catcher Ridge, which Mr McGlue will glue soon. Now that he has confirmed the small marble on the Lower Zig Zag can roll past the large marble at the end of the Triple Splitter, Mr Greene will soon release the large marble to roll down around the Snake Plate U Turn and then lift el Lifty Lever for the first time on camera.

Hopefully I can work it out so the stage will rotate such that the camera has a side view of el Lifty Lever Guider while it is being lifted. It’s not critical though because Lower Zig Zag blocks the view and some other characters may well be blocking the view (Big Brother, Little Brother, and Pinky)

Oh, Doctor Sugar has just turned on the stage to its normal speed (one unit of rotation per frame).

Here are the frames from today.

00010 002 10 X1 1546 00010 002 10 X1 1547 00010 002 10 X1 1548 00010 002 10 X1 1549 00010 002 10 X1 1550 00010 002 10 X1 1551